WTS Rorq/VNI Pilot 23.99m SP

(The Demons Body) #1

I’m for sale.

Positive Wallet.
Located in high-sec.
No kill rights.
2 bonus remaps.
250k unallocated
+4 implants currently in head


Can use T2 industrial core
Can use panic
Cybernetics V
Can use Excavators (Mining drone Spec IV)
Can use all T2 combat drones except sentries
As of this post, 8 hours from Gallente Cruiser V

Bids starting at 23b
Buyout 26b

(Janus Leto) #2

20 bil bid

(MetaTrader) #3

20.5 bil

(Janus Leto) #4

23 bil

(The Demons Body) #5

Thanks for the bid. In 24 hours, I will close with this being the highest bid.

(Shadow OfIntent) #6

Retracted - Found another char - Thanks

(The Demons Body) #7

Janus Leto - 23b accepted. Send isk and account details to this character. Once received, ticket will be created to begin transfer.

(The Demons Body) #8

23b bidder has not responded in over 24 hours. Back available for sale.

(Alexis R3n) #9

22 b bo . offer expires in 24h , isk ready

(Yuki Domari) #10

23 BO

(Alexis R3n) #11

23,5 bfor another 24h

(Yuki Domari) #12

24 bill

(The Demons Body) #13

Will accept 24b in 24 hours from this post if no higher bids.

(Yuki Domari) #14

Ok, thanks for the info

(Grench Skir) #15

25 Bill

(CFera) #16

26b b/o

(Grench Skir) #17

27 Bill

(CFera) #18


(Grench Skir) #19

28,5 Bill

(The Demons Body) #20

Winner will be highest bid in 3 hours.