WTS Rorq/VNI Pilot 23.99m SP

I’m for sale.

Positive Wallet.
Located in high-sec.
No kill rights.
2 bonus remaps.
250k unallocated
+4 implants currently in head


Can use T2 industrial core
Can use panic
Cybernetics V
Can use Excavators (Mining drone Spec IV)
Can use all T2 combat drones except sentries
As of this post, 8 hours from Gallente Cruiser V

Bids starting at 23b
Buyout 26b

20 bil bid

20.5 bil

23 bil

Thanks for the bid. In 24 hours, I will close with this being the highest bid.

Retracted - Found another char - Thanks

Janus Leto - 23b accepted. Send isk and account details to this character. Once received, ticket will be created to begin transfer.

23b bidder has not responded in over 24 hours. Back available for sale.

22 b bo . offer expires in 24h , isk ready

23 BO

23,5 bfor another 24h

24 bill

Will accept 24b in 24 hours from this post if no higher bids.

Ok, thanks for the info

25 Bill

26b b/o

27 Bill


28,5 Bill

Winner will be highest bid in 3 hours.