WTS 81m sp pvp char

Selling myself

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Noob_Lord

  • Great Support Skills
  • All Drones except Sentry to 5
  • Able to fly all T2 Subcaps up to cruisers + Gallente Battleship 5
  • All T2 Command Bursts
  • All T2 Weapon Systems except Large Disintegrators and Cruise missiles

Also got a TDF incursion vindicator hybrid implant set worth around 4b for the money making.

Will only consider bids above extraction value. Buyout 54b

Positive wallet, no killrights, located in jita 4-4.






bump, buyout lowered to 54b

give me a week or so and i can do 54b

Okay, will wait unless someone else offers the buyout.



52b ready and online. LeaZarus#7619 good for 24h

53b offer

Ah you know what? I accept that. Been trying to sell this toon for almost 2 weeks already. Just send isk and account name, ty.

isk and account name sent

Transfer initiated, thank you, hopefully you will enjoy it. o7

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