{SOLD} WTS 63.8m SP Sub-Cap Incursion Specialist

I am selling myself.


Strong Navigation, Engineering, Gunnery
Armor and Shield mainline incursion DPS ready

13 billion isk worth of implants, including;

  • Ascendancy/Warp Speed clone

  • +5s

  • High end Gunnery implants - large hybrid, projectile and energy turret

Wallet Positive.
Located in Jita 4-4.
Other clones in HS.

Starting Bid: 50b
Instant B/0: 76B

50 b isks ready

51 bil

52 bil

53 bil

54 bil

Thank you for the bids. Every bid is getting closer to a deal, keep it coming.

Versatile character with training toward carrier/capitals and black ops already well begun.

57 bil it’s my last offer, I don’t think you can get more, since i’m closing for another toon, I don’t know for how long I can keep this offer up.
Otherwise, GL for your sale

Offers retracted, gl

54B isk ready

ill do 56.5 Bill

Still selling. Thanks for the bids.

Still Selling.
Post bids here, will not be monitoring in game mails.


not sold yet, still for sale.

This sale will be closing in a few days. Get final bids in.

57 billion

Still Selling.

Still Selling. Getting close to a deal.

57b gets you the character, the skill points, and one clone with no implants.