[WTS] 13.5m Rorq pilot - Buyout added - SOLD


(Welp Prevention Employee) #1

Positive wallet
high sec
positive sec
PW: 54321

Make offer

Buyout: 14B

WTB rorqual pilot 15+m SP
(Avallah) #2

10 bil

(Leobardo III Madullier) #4

10.5 B

(Welp Prevention Employee) #5

Bump, thanks for offers so far,they have met reserve and I will sell on the 15th to any bids at or above the current level. Buyout added.

(Layna Makan) #6

11 b.

(Zana Shikkoken) #7


(Leobardo III Madullier) #8


(Welp Prevention Employee) #9

thanks for the bids, closing time is just after DT on the 13/12

(Rau Le Cruset) #10

Will Buyout. 14 Billion

(Welp Prevention Employee) #11

Buyout accepted. Logging on now.

(Rau Le Cruset) #12

ISK sent

(Welp Prevention Employee) #13

ISK received, character transferred.

(system) #14

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