WTS 78m SP Character


Positive Wallet
2 remaps available
925k Unallocated SP
Positive Sec Status

60 bil

63 bil

64 bil

65 B Isk

66 bil

67 B ready

68 bil

I withdraw the offer because I bid a different character. Perhaps I will renew the offer.

65bill here!

Can we get information about date of the end auction or B/O price ?
I bid other characters and it will help me buy.

Hmm your last bid was 9 days ago (exclouding this one). Do you try to make a pressure on the seller?

I rise
68,5 bil

Like all of us, I have several accounts.
And if the seller gives the final date or/and B/O price, it will probably be beneficial for everyone?

I was testing the waters to see I was in no hurry to sell the character I did not realize it was such a hurry. Since you request a final date I will set it for 48 hrs from now, as for B/O I would like 75 bil is that fair for you?

It’s not about rush, but about the deadline to end the auction, because in the meantime I can plan other purchases.
And knowing your B / O, I know how much to prepare and whether to get ready to buy at all.

Bump Bump

Current bid is 68.5 to Avallah if there are no more bids within 12 hours from now then I will sell the character to Avallah

Once again current bid is 68.5 Bil to Avallah only 4hrs left if no bids come in :smiley:

69 B Isk

Thank you for the bid current bid now sits at 69 Bil B/O is 75 Bil 12 hours starts again :smiley: