WTS 135mio SP Industrial Char


(wild ride) #1

A Loved and looked after character, positive security status - positive isk - no kill rights


I have not put a time limit on this Auction as nearly 10 years of training and game time should be dealt with care. I will also respond to in-game questions as and when I see them

Any questions are welcome, happy bidding.

Starting Bid : 90Billion
Buyout : 155 Billion

(Zezick) #2


(wild ride) #3


(wild ride) #4


(Fawniquaa) #5

password for the skill board

(wild ride) #6

1234 sorry :slight_smile:

(Sisa Amatin) #7


(Zezick) #8

95 bil

(Sisa Amatin) #9

97 bil

(wild ride) #10


(Avallah) #11

I don’t see linked pilot confirmation. Please read character bazzar rules.

(Ina Olha) #12

Confirmed that i am for sale!

(wild ride) #13

latest offer is 97bil. will end auction on Sunday cause of trips till then i am not sure how often i can be online!

(Karrillo) #14

98B my offer

(Sisa Amatin) #15

99 bil

(wild ride) #16

Over for 99bil stands? If yes i will do the trade at weekend!

(Maizie Fields) #17

Why the delay in the auction?

(Shaktar) #18


(Sisa Amatin) #19

101 b

(Shaktar) #20

102Bn and I will use the character and not turn it into Large Skill Injectors like Sisa Amatin seems to do given her post history.