WTS 138.9m SP Amarr Titan/SC Pilot

(Darth Dread) #1

API verified eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Darth_Dread (pw: kappa123)


2004 birthdate
Good name (imo)
Respectable corp history
Clean character “reputation” history

Wallet: will be close to empty
Implants: Full HG slave and other expensive +5%'ers in head details available on eveboard, Jita JC has full set of +5s
Kill rights: none
Location: Amamake (low sec) in station
Jumpclones: Full +5 clone in Jita (high sec) and 2-3 others in 0.0 without implants

Skill Highlights:

Amarr Titan 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Cap rep 5
All armor comps 5
DD 5
Cap Energy turret 5
Fighters 5
Cap Shield, Armor and Energy Xfer 5
Tac Logi Reconfig 5
Cloning facility 5

Tons of other supporting skills at 5, browse the EVE-Board for a full rundown.

Starting: 110b
B/O: Offer me a number I cant refuse
End date: Friday August 4th 12 noon (BST)

I won’t be reading ingame mails or PM’s so don’t bother contacting me except via this thread.

Questions are welcome however in thread.

Extended due to irl commitments

(Darth Dread) #2

to the top!

(Maizie Fields) #3

I’ll go 110b.

(Darth Dread) #4

daily bumper

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #5

Up to 111B

(Darth Dread) #6

daily bump, wasnt around for original end date so have bumped it a few days so ill be avail for the sale close and xfer

(Darth Dread) #7

bump up

(Aurora Stratton) #8

112b your darthness

(Dobi Mecata) #9

113b /o\

(Aurora Stratton) #10

114b !

(Darth Dread) #11

Ill accept this as the winning bid, I’ll attempt to make contact with you tomorrow evening (late Sunday) to facilitate the money/char xfer, unless something comes up in which case itll be monday.


edit: to confirm Aurora Stratton1d
114b !

(Dobi Mecata) #12

Please let me know if the deal falls through for whatever reason. I am ready to match the offer ASAP.

(Darth Dread) #13

Hi, I’ve initiated the transfer to Aurora Stratton, I received the isk and everything seems to have went smoothly.

Enjoy the character

(Aurora Stratton) #14

Character transfer received. Again thank you and take care.