WTS 138.9m SP Amarr Titan/SC Pilot

API verified eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Darth_Dread (pw: kappa123)


2004 birthdate
Good name (imo)
Respectable corp history
Clean character “reputation” history

Wallet: will be close to empty
Implants: Full HG slave and other expensive +5%'ers in head details available on eveboard, Jita JC has full set of +5s
Kill rights: none
Location: Amamake (low sec) in station
Jumpclones: Full +5 clone in Jita (high sec) and 2-3 others in 0.0 without implants

Skill Highlights:

Amarr Titan 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Cap rep 5
All armor comps 5
DD 5
Cap Energy turret 5
Fighters 5
Cap Shield, Armor and Energy Xfer 5
Tac Logi Reconfig 5
Cloning facility 5

Tons of other supporting skills at 5, browse the EVE-Board for a full rundown.

Starting: 110b
B/O: Offer me a number I cant refuse
End date: Friday August 4th 12 noon (BST)

I won’t be reading ingame mails or PM’s so don’t bother contacting me except via this thread.

Questions are welcome however in thread.

Extended due to irl commitments

to the top!

I’ll go 110b.

daily bumper

Up to 111B

daily bump, wasnt around for original end date so have bumped it a few days so ill be avail for the sale close and xfer

bump up

112b your darthness

113b /o\

114b !

Ill accept this as the winning bid, I’ll attempt to make contact with you tomorrow evening (late Sunday) to facilitate the money/char xfer, unless something comes up in which case itll be monday.


edit: to confirm Aurora Stratton1d
114b !

Please let me know if the deal falls through for whatever reason. I am ready to match the offer ASAP.

Hi, I’ve initiated the transfer to Aurora Stratton, I received the isk and everything seems to have went smoothly.

Enjoy the character

Character transfer received. Again thank you and take care.