WTS: Amarr Titan BO JF and more Pilot 65m SP :bananaparrot:


my Name is AVATARIUS and i am for Sale!

Right now i have 65,640,000 SP mostly focus on Amarr Titan Skills.
Training for beeing a Dread alt and Jump Freighter Pilot are ready and i own 2 Remaps.

If you look for a good Amarr Titan Pilot with everything he needs, i am the one :sunglasses:

See my Skills here: https://eveskillboard.com/
Password: Avatar

I come with a full set of Implants worth around 7.5b:

Also nice Skins are included, worth atm around 19b:

  • I have a positive Sec Status as wellโ€ฆ 5.
  • My Wallet is ISK positive
  • I am in an NPC Corporation
  • Atm i am in Null Sec but i can go whereever you want me as long i can dock.
  • Nothing else comes with me, only the Character, Implants, Skins but tbh, thats fair.
  • I receive the ISK with this Character when a deal is made.
  • Also i pay for the Transfer Fee.
  • My Killboard is very nice, no losses at all :yum:

The Price should be good and has to begin with a 8 in front :wink:

But whatever happens, i take my clothes off :crazy_face:

I have time for a sale and not in a rush, before you give me a price tag please consider to be rich enough und also please make sure you are not bidding the extraction value or something like this because it will be an absolut insult to me :dealwithitparrot:

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Its usually courtesy to include the password for your skillboard



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Still for sale, offers welcome

Bump gimme offers


Thanks for the bid, please check your wallets for some more iskies.

Want double extraction value. :thinking:

Still for sale


you know this char is only worth about 70bil right

Then buy the Implants and Skins and you will see it is worth more than that :money_mouth_face: