(SOLD) WTS Amarr Titan/Super Caldari/Super Toon


Character is Sold


Prob ~ 15 B for starting bid.

Bump And 15B seems a bit low especially with all injected skillbooks


14 bil


15b? I need to inject quite a lot on this for it to be a good Avatar pilot.

EDIT: Are the skills up to date?

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15.5b missing quite a lot skills

16b buyout

bid 16.5 B

17b buyout

@Lia_Darkblood Ready with ISK


Currently stuck between airports trying to get home because got in a major accident and my vehicle got totaled and being several states away. Don’t have a time frame when be back. I posted it that was interested in selling/looking for price, but yet to even do research for myself because I have been out of town/in hospital.

If can wait a bit, if appreciate it.

Thanks for your reply. Hope all is well and you’ll get home safe.


is this still for sale

18 Bil bid


I am back from unfortunate situations and back from hospital after readmission. But I have decided for the character to be sold.

0 Killrights
1 Extra Jump Clone in Jita
Location: Jita 4-4
Able To Remap + 2 Bonus Remaps

Glad your doing better; I’d still do 18 Bil if you can sell.