[SOLD] BO reduced again! : WTS 155m Amarr Carrier/Super Pilot, could fly Titan if you buy the skillbook!

I am for Sale!

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kalin_Bomnar 51

PW: 0701
155 Mil Skill Points!!
Most Skills at Lvl 5, and just missing Amarr Titan to be able to sit in Titan.

  • Amarr Carrier Lvl 5

  • Amarr Dreadnought Lvl 5

  • Capital Ships Lvl 5

  • Jump Drive Operation Lvl 5

  • Jump Drive Calibration Lvl 5

  • Doomsday operation lvl 4.

Npc Corp

Wallet is green/positive

No Kill Rights

No Jump Clones

Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

-1.40 Sec Status

300k Unallocated Skill Points

3 Re-maps available

Starting bid - 100b
Buyout - 135b

100b …


120 bil

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I am still for sale!

Sensible buy-outs considdered!

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Get your hands on a good character, do check the link above. So many skills at lvl 5!

This character is not to be missed, so many sub cap skills at lvl 5, but cap skills too.

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121b, isk rdy.

122 bil!

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Really would love to sell this character this week!

Come on give me a sensible offer/buy out

123 bil

125 bil

126 bil

135b Buy out - New Buy out limited set…

Still for sale…

127 Bil