Wts 69m pilot

I am for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kryptiq
Exhumers 5

Max Rorqual pilot
Mining drone Spec 5
Capital industrial 5

Dreadnought T2 seige T2 gunnery minmatar
amarr skills injected

carrier galantie amarr and minmatar

fighters 5 t2 fighters

capital contruction 5 able to build titans

Rhea jump freighter pilot

Ark jump freighter pilot

Transport ships

good drone skills

just about all science skills

Remap in 6 months & 3 bonus remaps available

15d capital ships 5 so close to ragnarok

Starting bid 60 bill

Buyout 70 bill open to in game offers

all rules apply and i will be paying the transfer fee
positive sec status
positive wallet balance
no kill rights

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50 bil

up we go

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale


60b ingame offer recieved

52B offer

60b still best

The best I can do is 53B

still open for offers


53b offer


still for sale

53.5b offer

55 bil

55.5b offer

56.2b offer