WTS Perfect Avatar and Nyx char

Selling my titan and supercarrier pilot


  • Amarr Titan V

  • Doomdsay operation, Portal and DD rapid firing at 4

  • Capital and large t2 guns

  • All armor compensations at V

  • Shield compensations at 4


  • Cybenetics V

  • Gallente carrier V

  • Amarr carrier 4

  • Can use any t2 fighters, t2 siege, amarr dread lvl 4.

  • Can use any burst projector for a super

  • Can fly a Redemeer and Paladin with t2 guns.

  • All drones are t2, except sentries.

  • Also can use proteus with t2 guns, galente recon 4, caldari interceptor, cov ops 4

  • Also can fly t2 amarr transports, amarr freight and JF 4

Located at Jita 4-4, npc corp.
Positive isk balance, no any killrights

80 kk sp. 2 remaps.

Going with full set of armor inplants + several implants for carriers.
I will pay for char transfer.

Looking for 65b minimum
B/o - give me an offer.

An excellent titan/nyx pilot especially for a war going at Delve/Querius.

Make me an offer for this toon.

I’ll offer 60b

Thanks for your offer, let’s wait some time.

Anyone can offer 65b ?

I may offer more than 60. Give me some time? Hit me back? Thanks.

65 b minimum offer

I can wait some time

I’ll offer the 65bil if you can wait a few hours for me to gather the funds?

I’ve just received a 66 b offer.

Fair enough, I’m not going to bid against someone I can’t see putting up an offer. If they put it here I’m happy to counter.

Alex replying to your accept offer here

66 b offer accepted.

Pls sent isks and account info where to transfer this toon.

Isk sent in game and mail sent with account name

Transfer started,

Do not forget to resume skills training.

Good luck and fly safe.

Fly safe

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