WTS 60M Super PERFECT Titan pilot!

[Quantum Anomaly]

Located in jita
Positive Wallet
No killright
unallocated SP : 1.1m

Only focused on Avatar and Ragnarok.
All gun skills for that is V except specialized
Avatar V and Rag IV skilled.

Start bid : 55b
Buy out : 75b

Thanks for bidding!


Thread reopened.

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55b offer

56B offer

60b offer

Is your character still available for sale?

I’ll go 63b

If it is still on sale, please reply, otherwise our offer is meaningless.

I’ll do 67b if this is still active.

bid withdrawn

68b offer

bid withdrawn

Is your character still available for sale?

still available?

Is this character still available? I just realized the timeline on the thread goes back months?

I have a better pilot, look