PC Maxed Rag & Nag Pilot 59msp

As per title

Hey, if you can detail all the items required for a character sale I may be interested. Also character must be in an npc corp.

as its a Price check none of the requirements are required, upon decision to sell rules will be followed :slight_smile:

Ah my apologies, missed that. Like I say might be interested if you come to sell though.

well then telling the price you’d be willing to offer, as thats the point of the post

I would likely offer around 45bil

seems a bit low considering titan skill & implant set.

Was hoping for more like 50 atleast

May I ask where the implant clone is located?

Given it’s a price check, I’ll chime in as someone looking to buy a Nag toon (though a much cheaper one) that they are going for ~900m/1m SP. As an example, this one’s at 39bn for 43m SP, not done selling yet either: WTS NAGLFAR PILOT 43mill SP

I’d say your toon is worth at least 55bn, probably higher given specialised titan + titan skill books + I assume implants. It’s expensive and specialised, so reliant on finding the right buyer.

Also worth noting your toon’s raw extractor value at Buy Extractor and Sell Injector is around 43 - 45bn, + the toon itself once extracted which would be 3bn up to maybe if you find the right buyer 7 or 8bn (on account of the expensive skillbooks and cybernetics 5 and implants).

If you accept less than 50bn, you’re being ripped off, and realistically you should expect 55bn+.

Also if have any of the expensive skins, they’re worth noting too.

Amamake where char is located atm (sittin in clone)

Nice. I could offer 48bil. Like khalen said you might be able to get more with the right buyer. My suggestion would be to make a sale thread and let people bid on it for a couple of days.

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