WTS Pilot 219M Skill Points (Born 2003.06.04) (SOLD)

*** No longer available for sale ***

Born: 2003.06.04
Neural Remap is available (3 bonus remaps available)
Skill points 218,943,945

Wallet 0 ISK
Core Complexion Inc. 13000
Spacelane Patrol 800

Active clone is docked in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

All clones have a complete set of High-grade Halo implants:

Jump Clones:
Location Itamo VI - Moon 6 - Science and Trade Institute School
Location Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices
Location Jita VII - Moon 2 - Caldari Business Tribunal Law School

Lots of ship skins, including several rare sets.

Right the implant sets show on Eve skillboard. Maybe useful to shorten your post.

Also maybe give some indication of price

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Pilot is still available

Oh boy. I just saw the price you want - is that a typo? Seriously, you might want to consider some market research. It’s a nice character but ~200m so isn’t that uncommon to find & they sell for well below 200b.

Just being helpful because absolutely no one will pay 350b. This is worth like 145b upon extraction so you’d be lucky to get 165b, that would be a super good offer.

Also, for reference, skins are pointless in character sales. Unless the person has the exact same taste as you they aren’t going to pay for it. They aren’t an asset you can resell, same with implant sets, especially mostly unused ones like Halos. The main combat ones usually are added value though so if you had Amulets that’d be worth mentioning.

Gl though buddy, ignore this if you wish.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback. I based the price on the cost of buying the injectors, but I take your point.

When are you free to trade

Waiting for your reply, we will trade

130b offer

I can initiate the trade today. I work from home and check in on the game as time allows.

The high offer on the table is 130B. These are my sleeping hours and this is my first sale of this type. I will check back in five hours.

Online now and available to trade.

Online now and ingame mail sent - looking to offer higher buyout for ZenDragon

Sold?. Figured I was highest bidder oh well.

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