WTS 15.3m SP Minmatar Pilot (Frig, Destroyer)

Heyo o/

Recently returned to the game after a few years, and want to sell off my FW/Lowsec shenanigans pilot - focused mainly on flying frigs and destroyers.

He’s got 2 remaps:

A full set of Low-grade Snake implants:

And can fly transport ships for moving ships/fittings deeper into low sec.

Located in Jita as of now, so let me know if you’re interested!

Iv’e just returned after quite a while away and am looking for a pilot with this skillset, what price are you looking for.

Offer 10 bil

Thanks for the interest guys, but if I’m being honest I was hoping for like 14b+. Never sold a char before, but if it’s really only worth like 10b, I’d rather shelve him and just keep the skills training for a while longer.

Can you post your standings? Can’t see it in skillq.

This what you’re looking for?

How about 13b

Hey, man, sorry for late reply. Yeah, I’ll accept that if you’re still interested.

@John_Ludevic isk and account info sent from my banker. Thanks

Thanks m8. Transfer initiated.

Received, thanks

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