WTS Naglfar Pilot - 32.8m SP

For sale Katt Katugumun

Eve Skillboard
pw- katt001

Minmatar Dread 5
Tactical Weapon Reconfig 5
Most gunnery support skills to 5 (exception is Trajectory Analysis)
Good shield/armour skills

Skills for Amarr dread and capital energy guns injected
Can fly interceptors for travel

Will be sold with +ve wallet, no kill rights - neural remap available + 2 bonus remaps
Located in the TTT in Perimeter - empty jump clone in Agil

Implants fitted, Slots 1-4 standard +4’s plus basic cap/gunnery/shield in slots 6-10 of no great value.

Looking for offers over 20B - will keep this open to gauge interest this week.

daily bump

15 bill

Sorry mate too low for me, I’m not that desperate to sell.

i can do 18

Still far to low mate, as I say I’m not desperate to sell and will wait and see what comes.

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Daily bump



I can do 20b

I can sell to you @HAPPYGAN55 for 20b - if you send the isk to Katt and eve mail her the account info where you want her to go I’ll initiate the transfer.
thx mate.

isk sent

Isk received, thx. Can you send an in game mail with the account information so i can initiate the transfer.

Character transfer is done - you will need to wait the 10 hour wait as per CCP rules and you will be good to go. Thanks again.

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