WTS focused Nag Pilot [17m SP]

Current Offer: 18.5b by Basil

Character currently located in NPC Null, sitting in a fitted Nag - undocked. Char will be moved to Jita 4-4 unless buyer wants something different. Character has a positive wallet, no kill rights and comes with 0 Jump Clones or Implants.

Offers as reply or Ingame Mail please


17B cash

18 bil

18.5b cash ready

As an instant buyout i would would consider 22.5b.

22.5B Done, I can send the cash now, just let me log in

OK sounds good. unless someone bids more in the meanwhile ill accept that offer.

Isk has been sent along with the account name.

ISK received :+1:
could you also let me know where you want to have that character, as he is currently undocked in a naglfar (which has to be removed first) in NPC Null. I could either leave him next to the nag (if you are interested in a follow up sale) or move him to Jita 4-4

Jita is fine, I have a nag for him to sit in already. Thank you though.

@Molynex Please confirm when the transfer has been initiated :slight_smile:

Assets removed, Char relocated to Jita 4-4 and issued Payment to CCP with your provided information.

Let me know if you need anything more from me.

somehow still logged in - character is SOLD!

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