WTS 5.2m SP skillpoint farm pilot with implants (sold)

Hi, I am for sale.

Main characteristics

  • Skills - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dexin_Sunji
  • Skillpoints - 5,190,952
  • Implants - +5 implant for perception & +5 implant for willpower
  • Remaps - 1 remap remaining
  • Location - Perimeter
  • Wallet - positive
  • Killrights - none

Please post offers only in this thread.

Buyout is 3bil.

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3B ready for this toon as well

Accepted. Please send me the isk and the credentials mail. Thank you!

Isk and Mail Sent.


Isk recieved and Character transferring thank you.

I haven’t received a notification on my end that the character transfer has started.

Will wait for a few more hours.

Check your emails now. It doesnt let you transfer more than one at the same time so yours had to wait for the other one to finish.

Apologies for the delay, but everything should now be in order.

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