WTS 5m SP skillpoint farm pilot with implants (sold)

Hi, I am for sale.

Main characteristics

  • Skills - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lexell_Eto
  • Skillpoints - 5,074,677
  • Implants - +5 implant for perception & +5 implant for willpower
  • Remaps - Currently fully remapped to Perception and willpower, 1 remap remaining
  • Location - Perimeter
  • Wallet - positive
  • Killrights - none
  • Cybernetics V, Biology V

Please post offers only in this thread.

Buyout is 3bil.


ill pay 1.5bil

1.8B ^^

Bump up. Buyout is 3bil, available for immediate transfer.

Offer : 3 Bil Buyout

Buyout accepted.

Please send the isk to Lexell Eto, and the credentials for the transfer via mail please. I will respond by return when the transfer is initiated which will be on an immediate basis.

Isk and in game mail sent

Isk received, Character transfer being organised. Thanks!

Character received, thank you

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