SOLD 41.1m SP WH / PVP Pilot with Golden Pod

This pilot should have nearly everything you need to be successful in J space, and/or nearly everything you’d want for a dual/triple box alt in J space. He would also be a good starting point for a solid sub-cap PVP pilot for small gang fights.

Drone skills
Missile skills
5/5 in all faction frigates
5/5 in all faction cruisers
5/5 in Logi Cruisers
5/5 Amarr Subsystems
Good Starting PI skills
Can harvest gas


This pilot has the Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 Implant, ~8.5b Jita price. The implant is installed, not available to be sold or transferred. He does NOT have other Second Decade Collector’s Edition items.

Wallet positive, no kill rights, currently docked in Dodixie, jump clone in low sec (Vlillirier), 38 random SKINs.

Will consider all reasonable offers.

I can offer 22B

Thank you for your offer, I’m hoping for a bit more given the golden pod - and I’m hoping the pilot goes to someone that will actually fly him rather than just being an extracted shell. But if no other offers come through I’ll consider it!

21.5 bill

23bil, I need like 10-15 injectors to fix gunnery :D:D

@SevenofNine9 would you consider 25bil? I was hoping for about 30bil but would be willing to come down a bit to compensate for you needing to inject gunnery skills.

sorry man. I can do max 500m more

@SevenofNine9 Alright, I’ll do 23.5bil since it sounds like you’ll actually use the pilot instead of just extracting him :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry man, I have to retact my off as someone agreed to my offer before via eve mail
good luck

Sounds good, I’ll start the transfer tonight once I receive the payment + account details

@WTB_All_Characters Still want to do 22b?

ya im in

Sold to you then :slight_smile: I can start the transfer whenever

Isk and account info sent.

Received, transfer initiated. Fly safe o7

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