WTB Titan Pilot ( Rag preferable)

Focused Pilot with around 50-80 M SP
Ragnarok Pilot if possible, if not you can still post the Char Sheet.
Budget ~80B


What about gtt pilot


link not working

32bil offer


How much are you looking for?

Anything close to extraction price I am not interested in. I’d just extract it myself.

Comes with full hg ascendancy pod also.

Rescinded, found something else. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

not Rag, Avatar, but willing to sell this. Make me an offer.

I’ll get back to you on this on monday, somebody has offered more pending sale of a super in-game. If this falls through I will accept this offer.

If you’d like to beat my ingame offer that offer is 48bil.

Hi, still on sale?

yes, make me an offer

30b ready

Sell or not?

30bil is too low, sorry

How much are you willing to sell for?

How much you want?