WTS TITAN pilot Avatar 36mil + SP


For starters great name for a titan pilot
Full high-grade slave set, with all slots fiilled for titan

needs a little work on some skills to 5 but everything is there that you need

Sitting in jita in its high grade slave clone, and is in NPC corp

B’O - starting 50 bil interested in serious offers only

Will be xfering via plex

All CCP rules apply


i offer 40B Online

Are you flexible on the price at all? i feel the starting bid and total SP don’t quite match up.

If so I’ll bid 41B

I think 50B is too expensive.what about 42B,or can you give me a better OB price,II have great sincerity,I want this

45 bil and ill sell gotta still pay for the pplex to xfer

Hi,my bro,it’s still too expensive,what about 43.5, it’s already exceed the normal price.If it can be accept,you may tell me the role I should pay,I will give you a mail for confirm the deal.

im pretty set on 45 bil, the char comes with a high grade slave clone and the books alon for a titan pilot range around 10 bil isk, you must consider those factors. the titan skillbook alone is 5 bil

I can pay at most 44B,or I had to give up.anyhow,I hope you can get a good price:grin:

ill accept the 44 bil offer, send isk and mail when u can and illl make sure the xfer gets started today, ill check back often to make sure i dont miss you

Well,please tell me the role I send ISK, Super Dooper this role?

yes please send isk and an in game mail to super dooper, with your account you want the toon xfered to

I had give you a email in game,If there is no problem,please give me a reply here. Thanks so much

i got the eve mail just waiting on the isk as soon as i have it i can begin the xfer

I had send ISK to you,Please check it,and start the xfer

the ticket for the xfer has been submitted and shouldnt be to long

the ticket number is below


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