Price Check - Brain Drained Titan toon

Greetings everyone!
i am returning to eve after brain draining all my toons a few years ago.
Is there any market for a titan toon with amarr and minmatar plus all titan support skills injected?

or is the toon basically useless? 0 assets and about 5.4m sp

Thanks for any help!

Eveskillboard link:


I will give you 12.5b for him

so far you are the only offer… I’ll give this 24 hours from now and if no other offers i’ll take it :smiley:
I’ll post on here from that account soon as well.

cool - i will be on tomorrow around 15 eve time

Hi there.
I am the toon being sold.
Tri - we seem to be on opposite tz so i’ll try and pay attention to this post at work and we can complete our transaction :smiley:

cool, just say which char i need to send isk to, transfer the char. to account mark21 when so :slight_smile:

Hey tride :slight_smile: feel free to send isk to this toon. I am at work so Im slow to reply but as soon as I see it I’ll initiate transfer.

As a bonus I completely forgot this toon has the avatar headhunter skin! Lol.

isk sent from alt, transfer char to mark21 when you are ready :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay. It was being dumb!
Character transfer has been initiated and isk received. Thank you!

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