WTS 217m SP Character // MAX PRE-TITAN ALL RACES -- 2005

It’s been 12 years, literally 1/3rd of my life but it’s finally time to say goodbye to EVE. I’ve had a lot of fun, met some great people but this has been coming for at least a year now.

Character has been my baby forever, always trained for maxing all ships of all races, recently finished my forever stint of perception/willpower but didn’t train titans because it would’ve cost ~22bil just for the skillbooks. Currently on an int/mem remap to polish up all those pesky level 5 skills.



What about the price ? :slight_smile: For free i will take care of your char :smiley:

Ditto, there’s a lot more adventure he can go through. He’d be in good hands over here :blush:. I’ll even offer to cover the transfer fee :smiley:

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160bil buyout offer

170 bil


173 bil


181 bil

195 bil

5 Billion isk, a sloppy blow job, 2 packets of the old walkers bbq rib crisps, 50P in pennies and a 2 month subscription to pornhub.


Count me in.

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Ill print you a 3D model of my peepee!

Nude pic! (just kidding) :smiley:

i would also Take him :relaxed: would be interrested in having a very Skilled Char xD

Luv you long time trik. Take care

Thanks <3

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