50.8 million SP character for sale

(Drrty Abarthe) #1

Super ready and titan ready. (skill book already learned.)

(Drrty Abarthe) #2


(Intriguing Stranger) #3

42b to start you off

(Drrty Abarthe) #4

Has 300k unallocated sp so you can immediately sit in an erebus and t2 capital guns.

(TheDancer Girl) #5


(Iseemir) #7


(Drrty Abarthe) #8

I’ll leave this open till the end of work. If there’s no higher bids, Iseemir wins.

(Drrty Abarthe) #9

Iseemir, if you are still interested, 43.5b is accepted

(TheDancer Girl) #10


(Drrty Abarthe) #11

No response from iseemir. Dancer is back in the lead

(Intriguing Stranger) #13

44 if he doesn’t reply either :smiley:

(Drrty Abarthe) #14

eve mail sent Intriguing.

(TheDancer Girl) #15

I’m at work, can send isk once im back at home

(Drrty Abarthe) #16

Whoever confirms it first and gets it done gets the char.

(TheDancer Girl) #17

I confirm, will send isk in about an hour

(Drrty Abarthe) #18

Alright. Ill stick around for an hour.

(Sauli Hinken) #19

44.5b available now

(Drrty Abarthe) #20

Confirmed to Sauli as he is ready to go right now. As stated above. First to send the isk gets the char. Transferring now. Thank you folks.

(Sauli Hinken) #21

isk and act info sent

(system) #22

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