50.8 million SP character for sale

Super ready and titan ready. (skill book already learned.)


42b to start you off

Has 300k unallocated sp so you can immediately sit in an erebus and t2 capital guns.



I’ll leave this open till the end of work. If there’s no higher bids, Iseemir wins.

Iseemir, if you are still interested, 43.5b is accepted


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No response from iseemir. Dancer is back in the lead

44 if he doesn’t reply either :smiley:

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eve mail sent Intriguing.

I’m at work, can send isk once im back at home

Whoever confirms it first and gets it done gets the char.

I confirm, will send isk in about an hour

Alright. Ill stick around for an hour.

44.5b available now

Confirmed to Sauli as he is ready to go right now. As stated above. First to send the isk gets the char. Transferring now. Thank you folks.

isk and act info sent

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