212 Million SP Character for sale

Almost 212 Million SP toon for sale

  • In NPC Corp
  • Positive wallet balance
  • No kill rights
  • Jump clones are in HS with +4 impants
  • Toon currently located in Jita
  • Caldary Navy mission runner
  • PvE/PvP specialized
  • Also capable of industry and PI
  • All battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers maxed out
  • Significant gunnery/missile skills
  • Cadari Jump Freighter - Rhea, maxed out
  • 2 million unallocated skill points available

Looking for 190 B buyout. Wil remain online to sell for the next 12 hours.

150b BO, I’m online for 1 hour

Looking for more. Will accept 185 B if the transaction takes palce within a day.

155b offer

156b offer

Thanks for the offers but-
Still looking for more. If the bid is not closer to buyout, I can extract myself, so not looking for extraction offers.
I will wait for some more time before closing the thread if the sale fails to meet my expectations.

190b offer

  1. for a " Caldary Navy mission runner" … not maxed corp stading(above 1.7% broker jita sell tax) and bad faction standing
  2. for “Significant gunnery/missile skills” 19% gunnery skills over all races spread and not even one large skills maxed is not what I would expect as significant and a 212mil sp char
  3. PvE/PvP specialized" Not true. the char does have alot of industry and other (wasted in regards to specialized) skills
    • All battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers maxed out" Not true.

Rest i did not bother to check. My Description would be “All around Char” which is not bad but more acurate.

Attention. The 190 B offer came like 19 days late.
This character was extracted by me two weeks ago. Thank you.

What did you do with the dead head? IE Any interest in selling him for ~3.5b?

Might use for skill farm or some specialized small ship pilot as he still has 2.2 m sp unallocated left.
Not interested in wasting 20 dollars for 3.5 B though

Understand, figured Id ask. Looking to make a JF alt, and he had all the skill books already.

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