WTS 15,728,383 SP Character


I came back to Eve and inherited my fathers Character. I am very interested in selling my character for a fair price. Its been a while since I played her. There is alot of stuff through out.

She has possitive Wallet
In NPC Corp

She can fly alot of different things.

Primarily focused on Mission Running/Ratting/Pvp
Character currently should be in high sec

If someone could link me the post for the forumn rules i would love to update this post with all the information required for some reason i cant find the post.

Offers Welcome

Thank you

Wallet balance.
188 Isk with a possitive balance.
There will be stuff that can be sold to make much more money to whom ever buys the character.

2. Kill rights
No Kill RIghts

3. Jump clones
Ammold V- Republic Military School

-Genolution Core Aug CA-1
-Genolution Core Aug CA-4
-Genolution Core Aug CA-3
-Genolution Core Aug Ca-2
-In herent implants Squire Cap system operation
-Zainou Deadeye Missle Projection

Currently in an Empty Clone in Jaschercis 0.6 IV -Moon 2 - Creo Dron

Empty Clone
Emrayur III -Moon 1- Royal Amar institute School.

Currently All items are in high sec from what i can tell.

4. Character location.
Jaschercis 0.6 IV - Moon 2- CreoDron Factory

I will give you 6Bil ISK B/O

No thank you, thanks for the offer though


10 billion

that sounds like a good offer

Maizie Fields when i get back from work i will message you again and we can figure things out

Hi Elizabeth. I have sent you the ISK and account information. Let me know when you return, thanks!

Hey Maizie it is currently 4pm central US time. I will be home by 10:30pm tonight in roughly 6hours 30 minutes. I am using my phone at the moment.

I am new to this process as soon as get home I will message you before hand. Thank you for your Patience.

No worries… enjoy work (lol) and I’ll catch up with you when you get back later. Let me know if you have any questions about the process, I’d be happy to help. I’m one time zone away from you (mountain) so should be around when you return ;=) Otherwise, I’ll be back on after down time tomorrow.

Sounds great thank you

I’ll probably link up with you and get you into one of my team speak channels that will probably make life much easier. That’s if you don’t mind using team speak

Just got home I’ll be on in just a few minutes or so

DELETE character has been sold thank you for your time

Transfer confirmed, thanks E. H. ;=)

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