WTS Orca Pilot Main

Was an alt of mine for sometime, to generate passive isk doing mining fleets for the public in high sec

Transfer will be paid by myself

IGN - Don Kedic
Wallet - ISK Positive
Skill Points - 9,804,936
Corporation - State War Academy
Kill Rights - None
Jump Clones - None
Current Location - Jita Trade Hub

For the price u want, is cheaper do a personalized toon with injectors. Basically, with luck you can get 1b for 1m skill points, but normally you get 0.7b for 1m sp.

You will be lucky if someone offer 7-9b, but you are asking too much. I suggest you edit your post and remove starting bid / buyout and chjeck what offers you get.

Thank you for your advice. If you can check my Genolution pilot for sale id appreciate your advice on what you think he may be worth.

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Your names are good, but have other situations with them, i send a valuattion and ideas to Kenzo Rin already.


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Thank you o7

I can’t find your advice on the valuation for the character i am selling unfortunately.

was sent by mail. i post here and i erase when you you like it,


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Thank you kindly sir

QSNA has now added new section that evaluate skills

Naturally, characters with good names / good standings / good implants might be worth more, but as it stands for example, for this toon

Possible extractions: 9 Large Skill Injectors
Extraction value: 8,207,065,960 ISK

Recreation: 21 Large Skill Injectors
Recreation value: 18,305,700,000 ISK

So, you don’t want to sell below 8.2B in any case, since that is how much you could make by just extracting skills and selling the skill injectors and biomassing the character.

Also, without some additional value in terms of great name, old character, standings, etc… you are very unlikely to get more than 18B based on skills ALONE. That is the price that somebody would need to spend on market to train brand new character to the same level you are at now.

Hope this helps!

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Daily Bump

I can do 9 Billion.

Ok send isk with mail for acc info and ill commence transfer and reply back here whentra sfer is started @Romulus_Callanthus

sending shortly

Isk and mail sent to Don Kedic.

10-4 will begin transfer in a moment

Character sold and transfer commenced please mark as sold ISD

I haven’t received an email as yet about transfer happening


sorry for the late reply, i was in bed

Mail sent in game

Character received, thankyou