(SOLD) WTS Dread Alt - Rev

Selling focused Revelation pilot with nearly perfect skills. Currently training towards Nags and could fly a T2 Nag in pretty short order.

Positive Wallet Balance
0.0 Sec Status
Will be Located in Jita 4-4

Total SP: 41.7M and still training
Extraction Value: 25.8B
Minimum Bid: 30B

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I would do 30 as a buyout… eve mail me

I bid 31B

Definitely going to be selling now, will give it until end of the weekend and high bid will take it.

Accepted, send isk in game and account name and I’ll initiate the transfer.

OK, I’ll log in to the game now

I gave you the money and sent you an email. Please check it

Payment received, transfers been initiated to the account in your Eve mail, thanks!

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