WTS/WTT 28.5M Focused Nag, Force Recon, Covert Cyno Alt


Perfect dread alt, covert cyno on force recon and bomber is an added bonus.

-0.5 Sec Status, high sec capable
T2 Siege
T2 Guns
Perfect Cap Skills
Perfect Align Time Skills, only skill IV and not V is Capital Ships
Perfect gun skills, only skills IV and not V are SS & TA
Full set of Mid Grade Nirvanas + other assorted juicy Nag implants

B/O 25B
WTT for similar Rev/Phoenix Pilot

Bump up, toon is now in npc corp.

Not sure if eveskill takes till DT to refresh

location, JC, killrights? wallet?

Lowsec atm but will move current clone and JC’s anywhere in high sec prior to sale, it has the mid grade nirvana set + extras as shown on eveskillboard plus another JC with +3s, no kill rights, positive wallet


Looking for more sorry

How much more?

B/O ideally

bump up

bump up

daily bump, B/O reduced

bump up

bump up

bump, B/O reduced

25b I buy


what i should do

Send isk to character being sold
Mail the same character with your account name
Once both are received I’ll initiate and pay for the character transfer to your account
I’ll also post here to say thats being done


Ok away from PC atm

Will be online in an hour to transfer