SALE CANX'd (Please delete)

I am for sale:

6,310,192 SP + 541,255 unallocated

-The character possesses 7level V skills to include Cyber V, Drones V, and Power Grid Management V

-Currently Mapped to Perception/Willpower with Improved augmentations (w/ remaining augments = standard)

-Annual remap is available now


6.0 BO

Others Details:

-Located in Jita

-Positive Wallet

-No kill rights

-No Jump Fatigue

-In NPC corp

-One jump clone located in Amarr

5.5 bill offer

6b isk ready

Good copy, let’s press…accepted 6 BO. Please send account name for transfer. I am not home yet but will be this afternoon/evening to complete the transfer (.e.g east coast, Us)

I am at home. Ready when you are this evening.

Hi sorry i expected the reply to be longer than you did can you wait 10h that all thats left before the char and be removed from my accounts

feel free to keep selling it and if it still around once i get the spot clear i will msg here

No sweat. Most certainly been there myself. I will keep her up. Take care.

Daily Bump.

My offer still stands

Sure thing. Please send isk and provide me with the information of the account for transfer. Once BO is rx’d, I will transfers and post email here.

Back to the top. BO updated per additional SP assigned to character.

Sorry Was not home yesturday, do you still accpet my offer @Manaaa_Kashuken ?

Copy. I thought you decided otherwise so I added more SPs for incentive. Note that I added 500k new SP totaling 6.3 million + 500k unallocated. Are you comfortable with a six billion buy out based on this plus up?

How are you doing the transfer, if account management fine. @Manaaa_Kashuken

Oh yes, most certainly account management. Please send account name and 6 bill isk and I will transfer now.

5.6b ready to send isk

HI Jergo. Stu is consistent - I am respectfully giving him 24 hours since his last contact. And while I do appreciate your price ratio, I am not wavering on the 6 BO.

Character is withdrawn from market. Thank you!

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