WTB: Rev/Nag/Pheo Dead Alt

Looking for a Dread alt character that can pilot the Revelation, Naglfar or a Pheonix.
Please post your eveboard of the Character and a B/O you expect for the character.

looking to spend ~40bil max.

For sale. Top bid is currently 35b. I’m accepting other offers.

Thanks @Kalthax , i am still looking

Ok. Ill do 34b for this character, offer is good for today only.

I’m interested and am available right now, would you do 32b? or are you firm?

@HuiChang im firm on 34b, sorry. However, if 34b works, I am available right now to start the transfer.

15m NAg pilot if you want a cheaper option. 10 days from reconfig V. (less if you use the unallocated :stuck_out_tongue: )

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