WTS Near Perfect Phoenix Pilot 34m sp!

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #1

As per title I am for sale,
34m sp
Dread & Siege 5
Max jumpskills (Fuel conservation 4)
Almost perfect in every skill that has an effect on the dread.

Can fly travel ceptors for easy traveling.

No wasted Sp on this baby!

All ccp rules apply, am in HS no kill rights & wallet is possitive.

Starting bid is 33b
Happy bidding :slight_smile:

(Jimmy Michaels) #2

Eveboard link isn’t working, please update.

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #3

Weird, should be working now (Thanks for calling it out!) <3

(Jimmy Michaels) #4

30 Bil

(Drone Assist Wang) #5

33 Bil

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #6

Thank you for the bid!

Almost there boys & girls!

(Drone Assist Wang) #7

Thank you
I hope i can get it XD

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #8

If you make it 35 I’ll accept right now :wink:

(Drone Assist Wang) #9

:joy: OK lets do this 35B

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #10

Throw over the isk & details :slight_smile:

(Drone Assist Wang) #11

i sent you a mail in the game ,
but there is someting wrong with my PLEX ,wait if i receive my plex i will contact you soon

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #12

No rush

Whenever you send the isk I’ll start the process :wink:

(Jimmy Michaels) #13

Willing to pay 36B if transfer not yet started

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #14

I’ll take it

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #15

Throw me details etc.

(Jimmy Michaels) #16

Transferring isk now

(Jimmy Michaels) #17

Isk and details sent

(Jacqueline Duchemin) #18

Recieved, Transfer started

(system) #19

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