WTS T2 Phoenix Pilot - 61m SP

Password: 123

Selling T2 Phoenix skilled pilot with Caladari BS V, Cyno V, etc., all Jump skills at V.

Located in Jita, no killrights, positive security status, zeroed wallet.

Open to offers, 45b b/o

Giving you a bump and see if the pilot is still available

AelitaWest 31 B


How about a bump?

Looks like you’re the winner. Please contact in game with account info and isk and I will begin transfer today.

Kind regards

@Ps_design_X , You still good to purchase or have you moved on?

I m sorry ,I was wrong. I need guns, not missiles

you should check out 40m SP Nag/Munnin Pilot for sale

If that guy who posted it for 35b wont contact u i’m willing to pay 35b for it


36 bil


37 bil


38 bil


Will close at 6pm EVE time today, thank you for the bids . . .

Any more for any more?

39 bil