I want to buy a Phoenix Or Najiafa pilot, the price is around 30B.thank you

If yes, please send the link here and quote the price.

26B O/B

sorry,It’s a little expensive.

I will purchase your toon. And I am willing to pay 26b for it. Message me in-game if you still want to sell your toon

Thank you, we are trading here.

I have a Nagadha character, 1800 skill points. 22B for sale, if you buy it, talk to me in private.

I’m glad to hear from you. May I see your skills?


Good. I’ll have 22BISK right away. Please check it.

ISK has received, please send account information

My game account number: dengna2019

ISK has received. The role begins to shift.

finalised yet? ill do 23b for nag toon

The role has been transferred to the account.

Focus naglfar pilot ?could you show me the Sp!

sold? any more you have?

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