WTS near-perfect Nyx pilot + High-Grade Amulet/Slave, 45m SP


Located in Amsen, positive wallet, 5.0 sec status

Jumpclone with implants is located in a Pandemic Horde structure, should be easy to get out of there though

Confirming i’m for sale.



Bump 3: B3mp

How much do you want for it (i.e starting bid)?

30 bil


35 bil

if this toon is still available ill bid 38bill

40b buyout if this toon is still available

41bill if this toon is still available

So sorry, was away from my computer due to personal reasons. This sale is still open if anyone is interested.

Bump, willing to sell for 40b right now.


Bump again.

Hi is the pilot still available? I’m interested.

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