WTS Perfect Nyx Pilot 65m SP

Hello im selling myself 65.7 mil SP, https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Nihil_Ultra
Has a full slave set + 7,8,10 https://imgur.com/a/Dm7oS20
8 bil worth of skins for the nyx https://imgur.com/a/6BxcBRz
intaki syndicate- 1.5bil
interbus- 2.2b
kopis edge- 1.1b
ruby sungrazer- 1.7b
sapphire sungrazer- 900m
serpentis- 800m
2 remaps open. -0.2 sec status
Currently located in Amarr
Starting Bid 60
B/O 62Bil

40 bil… otherwise keep dreaming you’ll get your starting bid of 63 bil

50 bil

55 bil


Bump. B/o lowered a bit



58 bil offer.

If you can do 60 it’s yours

Withdraw my offer.

Hi,I give you 58.5B, Can you sale this charactor to me? I can give you ISK now?

Deal send isk and account info. Then I’ll start transfer

OK, I send your ISK and account info now.

ISK and Emali has send to you. Waitting the transfer…

Isk received transfer started. Thank you

Thank you

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