Wts 157m sp Nyx pilot *SOLD*

I am for sale, with 157,539,249 SP, of those are 1,517,869 unallocated for the buyer to place.

  • Wont accept bids below 100B
  • Positive Security Status, wallet etc, No killrights, no assets to speak of, decent killboard.
  • Lots of V’s
  • Fully capable Nyx pilot with good (not perfect) drone skillset
  • All race ships up to Battleship lvl V, Maruder V, Blackops V e.tc.

† One clone of full High Grade Asklepian implants.
† Once clone of full Mid-Grade Asklepian implants

Will be in NPC corp by the time of sale.

Skillboard: https://skillboard.eveisesi.space/users/b7cb1aa747a533174d44b754267f0b290d30c103/

The price is a little higher than the previous one. I like this account very much, so I bid 100B.

Thank you for the offer, will close this sale rather quick so will give 48 hrs for others to bid, otherwise it’s yours You BadBad

Daily bump - will let this run for 24 more hours then complete sale.

I hope it’s over soon. It’s time for a break.

I’ll accept your bid, i’ll start transfer as soon as you mail me account name ingame and transfer isk :slight_smile:

As you see character is moved to npc corp and placed in jita for you to move him wherever you need him.

ISK and email have been sent, please confirm.

Isk recieved, character transfer started.

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