[WTS] Near perfect 34m SP Nyx pilot

(Killabunch Kion) #1


I would like to sell my near perfect (it only needs little polish) Nyx pilot.
It’s primarily skilled at max dps application for heavy drones.
Character comes with full HG slave clone (including HG-1005) located in lowsec and MG Ascendancy clone (minus Omega) also located in lowsec.
The implants are worth over 4b alone!

Few keypoints:

  • Gallente Carrier 5
  • Capital Ships 5
  • T2 fighters (8 days left to Heavy Fighters 5)
  • JDC 5
  • 10m+ SP in Drones
  • can use best instaceptor (Ares)
  • no wasted SP

No killrights, possitive wallet.

Start bid: 32b
B/O: 38b

WTB super pilot
WTB Carrier pilot.35b limit
WTB Carrier pilot
WTB Dread/Triage Alts
(1400mm) #2


(Killabunch Kion) #3

Bumpy bump

(Killabunch Kion) #4

Bump for the new day

(Killabunch Kion) #5

Another bump bites the dust!

(Goodwife Saknafein) #6

33B ?

(Killabunch Kion) #7

Thanks for the bid, but it’s not enough - this pilot is very well skilled and the slave set alone is worth over 3b

(Killabunch Kion) #8

Still available, this is really nicely skilled gank Nyx pilot!

(Killabunch Kion) #9

Heavy Fighters 5 will be trained in less than 10 days, grab your very skilled Nyx pilot now!

(Sarah Inkura) #10

34b isk

(Killabunch Kion) #11

Sarah, evemail sent, please check it.

(Badger Molester) #12

38 bil B\O. Please confirm it. Once I have your confirmation , I’ll send the isks.

(Killabunch Kion) #13

Confirmed, please send isk and account details.

(Killabunch Kion) #14

Please reply here once you send isk and account details and I will try to log in and transfer asap.

(Steve FromSecurity) #15

Is it still for sale?

(Killabunch Kion) #16

I haven’t got confirmation or isk from previous bidder, so generally it’s still open, though I would like to honor Badger’s b/o first.

(Killabunch Kion) #17

Haven’t heard from Badger, so first person to send me 38b and account name, gets me :slight_smile:

(Badger Molester) #18

Isks and account details have been sent. Sorry for the long reply.

(Killabunch Kion) #19

Thanks a lot, I will try to transfer asap (at work now, but maybe I’ll find some hole in my calendar :slight_smile:

(Killabunch Kion) #20

You have chosen to transfer the character Killabunch Kion to the account named .

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.