Located in Amsen, positive wallet, 5.0 sec status

Jumpclone with implants is located in a Pandemic Horde structure, should be easy to get out of there though, toon is not blacklisted

225k unallocated SP

Starting bid 40b

Confirming sale

40b offer

Thanks, i’ll see if anyone bids higher and if not i’ll sell in a few days.

41b offered

i can give 43b. actual 24 hours


42b offer


can u tell me the buyout price and we can stop it right now?

47b b/o.

ok, im ready for trade for 47b

Deal, send the isk and an evemail with the information to Tehol Aerus and i’ll get it started.

isk transferred, letter is written

Isk received, transfer initiated

transfer completed. thx!

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