Nyx Toon 57.8m

Nyx Pilot
57.8m SP
Nyx Police Skin

Dont offer me extraction value as ill just do it myself

Confirm i am for sale

Confirm i am for sale

Nyx Pilot 40bil
First indy/rorq pilot 16.5bil
Second Indy/Rorq Pilot 15bil

Second Indy/Rorq Pilot - i’ll take it for 15.5bil

Taboya O’Quinn: 17 billion

No thank you on all offers, all below extraction value


First indy/rorq pilot 17.5bil
Second Indy/Rorq Pilot 16bil

No thank you on all offers again, as I stated, I’m not selling them for less than extraction price as I’d rather keep my money for the transfer fee

First indy: 18 billion
Second indy: 16.5 billion

Ready immediately

Extraction value for tab is 20b
Extraction value for nok is 18b
Extraction value is 46b for crassus

I’m not even considering offer below this


Since i like those indy character, i propose 2 offer to u

  1. 40 bil for both indy pilot, or

  2. You extract them according to my skill choice, and keep those unallocated sp untouch.

I pay u 5 bil for each character + any unextracted sp i wanted to keep (at a perimum rate like 1.1 x extractor price?)

46B for Nyx pilot. That’s all ISK I have got.

both indy pilots for 35blil, iskies ready to go

41 bil for both indy char??

47.5 bil Nyx Pilot

Looking for atleast 50 for the nyx toon
Ideally want a little more than 41 for both of the indy toons but will to take it if no more is offered in a little while

Nill hope
If your offer is still available I’m happy to accept pending no more offers on the toons by the time I finish work tomorrow