SOLD 60m near perfect Nyx pilot

(Maekor Stormborn) #1

No isk in wallet

No kill rights.

High grade slave implants.

No corp.

Currently stuck in CS-GZD sitting in a Nyx, undocked in space. Nyx not included in sale price, but if it survives past login to transfer funds (unlikely) the character will come with it free.

All CCP rules apply.

(Maekor Stormborn) #2

If winner wants, character can be relocated to Jita

(Gimli Gnome) #3


(Maekor Stormborn) #4

I’d do a 45 buyout if you’ll come up to that price.

(Jena Turay) #5

45 B/O

(Maekor Stormborn) #6

Sold to Jena Turay. Transfer will begin 8 PM EST tomorrow (Tuesday)

Let me know when you’ve sent isk, I’ll try and transfer funds on low activity hours so the Nyx isn’t lost. Make sure to mail account to transfer to.

(Jena Turay) #7

Right now

(Jena Turay) #8

Sent is completed, waiting to accept

(Maekor Stormborn) #9

Transfer will begin at 8 PM EST once I can get on, I will post here once its started. Thanks!

(Jena Turay) #10

OK, wait for your message

(Jena Turay) #11

Account received.

(system) #12

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