WTS Focused Nyx pilot 40mil SP

WTS Focused Nyx Pilot 40 mil SP
39.8 mil sp, 250k un-allocated sp

Starting Bid 40bil


in NPC corp
2.65 sec status
located HS

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30b b/o OFFER take it or leave ill take good care of it


I will go to work in two days.

31.5B offer provided.

33B offer

Do you have another number?


35b for next 4 hours then I withdraw and look for another toon.

Any response to this offer???

I bid 33.5b. Can be reached via EVEMail or via forums.

Thank you





35 no. bump.

38 most I will go…you wont get a better offer.

38b yes/no??

still selling???

Hi dude i wanted to get 40 for it as put in the post. If you can go to 39 then we have a deal. if not then no thank you.