WTS focused Nyx pilot 38m sp

(Volkihar) #1

Implants set 1 - Armor
Implants set 2 - Shield
net worth
fleet command tab, only prereq skills there

located in high-sec (jump clone too)
net worth of implants 6.6bil

Notable skills:
Gallente Carrier 5
Armor Comps 5
Advanced Target Management 5
Fighters 5
Fighter Hangar Management 5
Great core/drone support skills

remap available 23.02.2018

SKINs: genolution capsule and serpentis Nyx

NB: Eveboard isn’t updating my fleet command skills atm, so if you see 1.3m there that’s wrong number. Only prereq there - Leadership 5

starting with 40b
added: buyout 45b

low bid - free bump

Added more links - ISD Aurvandil

(Perpetualed) #2

30 billion

(Solaris Beyer) #3

37 bill, isk ready

(Volkihar) #4


(Solaris Beyer) #5

40 bill isk ready - increased bid accounting for the implants (thanks for the added links)

(Volkihar) #6

thanks for bid. I plan on keeping the sale up for a few days, after that character will be sold to the highest offer above minimum


(Volkihar) #7


(Elite Pixels) #8

41b b/o

(Solaris Beyer) #9

41.5 bill final offer

(Volkihar) #10

the sale will be ending today.
this makes a bump

(Volkihar) #11

41.5 bill final offer

accepted. awaiting isk transfer & account name

(Solaris Beyer) #12

Isk sent and account name given in-game.

(Volkihar) #13

transfer started

(Solaris Beyer) #14

Character received, thanks and nice doing business with you.

(system) #15

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