WTS 30m SP Highly Focused Super Nyx Pilot

Password 1234

Fighters V
Gallente Carrier V
Capital Ships V
Positive Wallet / No Killrights / Positive Sec Status / Location Jita

Has high Value in Skillbooks as well All Race Carrier Books Injected

High-grade Amulet Set and +8% Armor Implant around 6b in Armor Implants

Some Extra Nyx Skins:
Intaki Syndicate Skin
Interbus Skin

b/o 45b

27bil offer

Way to low

To the top

Extract value + pod value = ~26bil. Hence my 27bil offer. Let me know if you change your mind.


To the top

still looking for a buyer

still offering 28b

still a big no thank you :slight_smile:

for sale

to the top

for sale

top top

tops tops

Buyout lowered to 37.5b

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Would offer 26bil now, looks like you extracted ~2mil sp?

Still a big nono :stuck_out_tongue:

32.5b offer. Isk ready to go.

was about to accept the first offer but he pulled it :stuck_out_tongue:

keep it up @The_Dreadening looking for a bit more