[WTS] Perfect Nyx/Aeon/Hel pilot 65m SP

I would like to sell myself - almost perfect Supercarrier pilot.

Positive security status, no kill rights, 3 sets of implants:

  1. +5s for learning
  2. 2 implant sets In Amamake stations:

Please give me your offers - no “extraction price” lowballs please, I know how to extract SP myself :slight_smile:
B/O has been set to 52b.

35 bil

37b offer

39b o7

Thanks for the bids, we’re going right direction :slight_smile:
Also Thursday bump.

40b xD

41b !

Don’t wanna sound rude, but you’re bidding the same as previous person.
Also - b/o has been added.

Come on guys - we are nearly there, few more bil and we can close the deal :slight_smile: Albo bump for Sunday!

42B offer

45b my sincere offer

46b offer

47b :slight_smile:

48 offer

49 bil

Hello everyone!

As we are so close to b/o, let’s close the bidding tomorrow at 4pm Eve time.
Thank you all and happy bidding!

52 buyout

Lol - word said :slight_smile:
@Doodlebop_Thornberry - please send me account name for transfer via evemail, to this character, together with 52b.
Thank you!

Done thank you

Character transfer in progress - have fun with it!