WTS 97.5M SP Perfect Nyx/Aeon Pilot with Top Notch Caldari Gallente Cap / Subcap

(PaoloPoor) #1


97.5M SP Perfect Nyx/Aeon Pilot with Top Notch Caldari Gallente Cap / Subcap

  • 3 skill Remaps Available


  • Great SuperCarrier Pilot all races
  • Flys Most Ships
  • Perfect Nyx / Aeon Pilot
  • Perfect Phoenix Pilot
  • Carriers/Force Aux/Dreads (Gallente Carrier 5 others 4)
  • Fighters 5
  • Fighter Hanger Management 5
  • Heavy Fighters 5
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Drone 5
  • Perfect Armor skills
  • Perfect Shield skills
  • Perfect Drone Skills
  • Perfect Engineering Skills
  • Perfect Basilisk / Oneiros Pilot
  • Perfect Tengu Pilot
  • Fantastic Widow / Golem pilot
  • Perfect Gallente/Caldari Battleship/cruiser/frigate
  • No Waste

This Character is over 12 years old and worth at the very least 95 billion in skill injectors alone but I would love to see it go to a good home rather than harvested.

The character is in NPC corp and will have all clones moved to high sec before purchase.

The account has a positive wallet balance and will come with assorted items everywhere.


Starting Bid: 90 Billion Isk ((any lower it would be more profitable to harvest for injectors))
Buyout: 95 Billion Isk

I will pay transfer once a deal has been agreed and accepted.

(PaoloPoor) #2

back to the top for the day :smiley:

(PaoloPoor) #3

today is a good day

(PaoloPoor) #4

Reduced Buyout and Starting bid Substantially

(PaoloPoor) #5

To The Top she goes …

(PaoloPoor) #6

up up and Reduced to injector value

(Xanro Gwuin) #7

interested in trade for multi char?

(PaoloPoor) #8

no sorry got too many toons wanting to downsize

(PaoloPoor) #9

up up and way up to the top she goes…

(PaoloPoor) #10

last day before i take it down i think.

(zzslavesssss) #11

80b if still for sale

(Gattanera) #12

81 bil

(zzslavesssss) #13


(system) #14

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