WTS 97.5M SP Perfect Nyx/Aeon Pilot with Top Notch Caldari Gallente Cap / Subcap


97.5M SP Perfect Nyx/Aeon Pilot with Top Notch Caldari Gallente Cap / Subcap

  • 3 skill Remaps Available


  • Great SuperCarrier Pilot all races
  • Flys Most Ships
  • Perfect Nyx / Aeon Pilot
  • Perfect Phoenix Pilot
  • Carriers/Force Aux/Dreads (Gallente Carrier 5 others 4)
  • Fighters 5
  • Fighter Hanger Management 5
  • Heavy Fighters 5
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Drone 5
  • Perfect Armor skills
  • Perfect Shield skills
  • Perfect Drone Skills
  • Perfect Engineering Skills
  • Perfect Basilisk / Oneiros Pilot
  • Perfect Tengu Pilot
  • Fantastic Widow / Golem pilot
  • Perfect Gallente/Caldari Battleship/cruiser/frigate
  • No Waste

This Character is over 12 years old and worth at the very least 95 billion in skill injectors alone but I would love to see it go to a good home rather than harvested.

The character is in NPC corp and will have all clones moved to high sec before purchase.

The account has a positive wallet balance and will come with assorted items everywhere.


Starting Bid: 90 Billion Isk ((any lower it would be more profitable to harvest for injectors))
Buyout: 95 Billion Isk

I will pay transfer once a deal has been agreed and accepted.

back to the top for the day :smiley:

today is a good day

Reduced Buyout and Starting bid Substantially

To The Top she goes …

up up and Reduced to injector value

interested in trade for multi char?

no sorry got too many toons wanting to downsize

up up and way up to the top she goes…

last day before i take it down i think.

80b if still for sale

81 bil


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