WTS 75m NYX Pilot (w/ Quafe SKIN) B/O REDUCED

Near-perfectly skilled Nyx pilot (All fighter skills V, Gallente Carrier V): https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rennilon

Pilot currently located in Todaki
No kill rights.
Jump clones: 9-B1DS, 1DQ1-A & Jita 4-4
Wallet balance: 48,309,991 ISK
Sec status: 5.0

Notable mentions:
Perfect armour skills,
Caldari Carrier V,
Nyx Quafe SKIN
Nyx Headhunter SKIN

Starting bid: 62B
Buyout: 75B

Bump, reduced starting bid and b/o

62 bil

66 bil


67 bil

68 bil

Bids all acknowledged, thank you. I’m still looking for more!

70 bil

I will buy your char as well if you agree to sell it for 70 bil

Thanks for the offer, but I believe this character is worth more than 70b. If you’re willing to negotiate a b/o above this then let me know. All the best! (and enjoy your new character!)


Daily bump!

Daily bump!

Daily bump!

Daily bump!

71 bil

Getting closer!

72 bil

Looking for slightly more: I am willing to negotiate b/o, if you’d like to do so send me a mail.