WTS 75m NYX Pilot (w/ Quafe SKIN) B/O REDUCED

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rate withdrawn

@FlameGuard accepted, let me know your details and we can get sorted!

very strange offer, my offer is canceled!

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To the top! B/O reduced!

To the top!

70B isk

I am willing to accept this offer - I am going to leave the bid open for 6 hours, and then that will be the close of the bidding, provided the bidders’ offers remain valid. Thank you!

@CDC_newende the character is yours if your offer is still valid - let me know your details and I’ll start the transfer in receipt of payment! Will update the post with confirmation :slight_smile:

Due to some problems, please give me one more day to pay

@CDC_newende no problem

ISK and Account information have been sent

Mail received, I’ll be home in the next few hours and I’ll set the transfer straight away!

Transfer initiated to the account linked in your mail,

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